Privacy Promise . . . to be part of the solution!

Every day spam, identity theft, and online privacy are becoming bigger problems. What a bummer! This site has been designed with your security, privacy, and peace of mind . . . in mind.

You have my sworn promise on 3 critical things:

  1. I will never sell or share your personal information.
  2. The universe has been spammed enough. I vow to not contribute to the spamming.
  3. Finally, all members must opt-in and can easily opt-out. An opt-out link is included at the bottom of any message you receive from me. I do not want to hold you hostage. Rather, I want to support you and your efforts to design a healthy, happy life … when YOU ask for it.

If you see anything about this site that could be more secure or user friendly, please let me know.

To your healthy, happy life!

Cheryl Miller, Mayor of CherylMillerVille
Wellness Expert & Life Coach

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    Privacy Promise

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